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If you have a growing business and not enough hands, time or expertise, a virtual assistant can help. I offer either one-time or ongoing assistance for your day-to-day business.

Data Mining / Internet Research

  • Finding the best deals for a buy

  • Research (Market, competitive, product, industry, suppliers, manufacturing, etc.)

  • Secondary data sources for articles and blogs

  • Background research for a book you may be writing

  • Property research

  • LinkedIn prospecting



  • Creating job descriptions

  • Online postings

  • Compiling + reviewing resumes

  • Phone screening candidates

  • Vetting potential employees, background and reference checking

Data Curation (Google Suite & Microsoft Office)

  • Creating / maintaining guides, templates & training documentation

  • Creating / maintaining presentations

  • Creating / maintaining spreadsheets & charts + tables

  • Creating reports 

  • Designing Executive Summaries 

Customer Service

  • Account inquiries

  • Contact management

  • Customer intake (building CRM)

  • Service information

  • Order processing

  • Preparing and sending invoices

  • Writing customer thank you notes

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