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A Note To Our Community

I'm sorry. I recently viewed videos and presentations with thought leaders Trudi Lebron and Rachel Rodgers about race and how white coaches and business owners can do better. One of the points that I remember most was:

Your colleagues, customers, and community shouldn't have to guess where you stand on issues of social justice. They should unequivocally know.

Over the past month, I felt uncomfortable posting about logos and email lists right now and I wasn't sure what to write so I did nothing. I recognize that I dropped the ball and for that I am sorry.

I have a quote on my vision board that says "Today I Choose To Become Better Than I Was Yesterday." So moving forward, I want to be unequivocal.

I stand against racist violence and the systematic injustices that Black communities and people of color face in the US and across the globe.

I stand in solidarity with Black Lives Matter.

I also know that one statement isn't enough and that the real, ongoing work starts now.

I have a lot of work to do. I am listening and learning. I am starting with these resources:

Books I've ordered:

Instagram accounts I'm following:

Courses and Workshops to Learn From:

Sharing with Clients: Work with a DEI expert in your organization

Hire someone to help you make this a part of everything you do so your company and actions can truly reflect your values. Here are some amazing consultants and trainers you can look into working with:

None of these individual actions are enough. I know that I have a lot to learn.

If you have any feedback, comments, thoughts, or ideas - feel free to reply and share. Thank you for letting me share this message with you.

With Love,


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