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Do what you love.

Delegate the rest.

If you feel like you’re stuck on a treadmill in your business, always working hard, long hours, and always under pressure. Maybe you feel limited by technical knowledge to get things done yourself or thinking that nobody else can do it like you so its a waste of time to get help.


A virtual assistant makes it easier to handle the little details so you can focus on your most important goals. Simply give Mrs. Owen your to-do list and get on with the things you love to do.

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Signs it's time to get help...

1) You’re not getting your client work done on time. You finish projects late, or you keep giving clients longer and longer estimates of when projects will be finished because you have so much on your plate.

2) You’re feeling burnt out and a little unmotivated. You love your work, but lately, you feel like you’re being stretched too thin.

3) Things aren’t getting done in your business that needs to get done. You haven’t been blogging, emailing your list, or updating your social media. You might want to work on some other projects but you just don’t have the time or energy!

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Rebecca Pieper, Owner - The Musik Makers

“Having Jennifer take over my marketing and web design has done WONDERS for my business.  In addition to her talent, promptness, and expertise, my marketing has been met with great responses by new and returning clients.  Having someone take over that portion has allowed me to have the time I was spending on that to invest in my students and other areas of my business.”

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