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Hi. I have over twenty-five years of experience in Training and Development, Performance Management, and Web Design. I have taught seminar programs throughout the United States, England, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Germany, and Singapore. 


With years of course creation and expertise engaging employees and customers in my past role as a Vice President of Learning and Performance Management,
I have helped thousands of individuals learn and perfect the skills needed for their own personal and professional growth and development. 

In addition, I have experience designing logos, building websites and marketing for small businesses, corporate SharePoint sites, and non-profits. I was a non-profit manager. I also have experience as a Business Continuity Planning manager for a multi-million dollar organization. 

I have also owned two small businesses with my husband - a talent agency and a videography service. I understand how small business owners have to take on many different tasks that may be outside of their expertise.  


I’m based in Pennsylvania, but I have worked with clients from all over the world. I can provide you with the help that you need for your business to succeed. Above all, I can take away the stress so that you can focus on what really matters.


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Wendy Barron, Mindful Buddies

"THIS. WEBSITE. IS. AMAZING. I'm so happy to finally see this. It looks what I always imagined it to be. I honestly got teary-eyed and overwhelmed with excitement and gratitude."


Elizabeth Rogers, Principal - Polestar Solutions

"It has always been a pleasure to work with Mrs. Owen. Every project I have worked on with her has been a huge success in large part due to her ability to make things happen."


Robert Sherrard, RJS Graphix

"Jennifer has always been one of my favorite people to work with. She consistently treats me with respect and values my input. I truly appreciate clear communication and Jennifer never disappoints. She knows exactly what she wants before she ever approaches me with a project. Point blank: She's amazing."


Amy Pidgeon, Founder - Camp Soar

"It has been a pleasure working with Jennifer! She is precise, efficient and so knowledgeable with the development of a website! I love our end design!"


Fred Norelli, Learning & Development

"As I look back, I owe much of my career development, positive habits, and excellence to detail because of the lessons Jennifer taught me. She is passionate about whatever she does, including the effort she took shaping me in my career. I am a Learning and Development Specialist because of Jennifer Owen."


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