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5 Ways To Make Money During the Coronavirus

My husband lost his job and my clients put our work on hold. We have no idea when we will go back to work and we are not alone. The virus is impacting households worldwide when it comes to financials. Here are 5 ideas on how to make extra money while quarantined.


Our dear friend and piano teacher, Alyce, teaches English to kids in China. The company provides the materials and then you teach and review the slides during the call. You can set your own hours and scheduling is very flexible. You don’t need a fancy setup and you don’t need a teaching certificate.

Please use this referral code - ALYCE0014 - and hook our teacher Alyce up!

Other Subjects

You are an engineer or work with numbers for a living, tutoring may be for you.

  • Brainfuse (variety of topics – elementary to college level) Pay – $10 – $15 per hour

  • Chegg (various topics from calculus to biology) Pay – $20 per hour

  • Skooli (K-12 courses as well as college-level classes) Pay – $25 per hour

  • (must be considered an expert in a subject) Pay – $9 – $13 an hour

  • TutorMe (over 300 subjects to include ACT and GRE tutoring) Pay – $16 per hour

  • Yup (primarily math and science classes) Pay – $10 – $13 per hour


As you may be forced into quarantine, needing to stay home due to your place of work temporarily closing, or worse, recently getting laid off, you may need a way to make money fast. Freelancing with a specific skill set you have is a great way to make money from home (or anywhere) as it can all be done remotely.

Some sites to use for freelance opportunities:


In a large-scale shutdown both locally and nationally, two places will continue to remain open -pharmacies and grocery stores.

Right now, grocery stores are working overtime to meet the needs of everyone and they need your help. A part-time job at a grocery store is a great way to earn some extra income and help others in your community.

A quick search on Indeed, and there are over 35,000 open part-time jobs nationally. Here are a few companies looking for help.

A part-time job offers a flexible schedule and can be worked during nights and weekends. Unlike other side gigs that often take time to build an income, a part-time job will pay you within 1-2 weeks.

Brian, a blogger at Debt Discipline, described how a part-time job helped him avoid debt.

“I worked a part-time job during nights and weekends for six weeks during the holidays and was able to earn over $2K during that time. Yes, I worked a lot of hours, but the short time sacrifice was well worth it to avoid going into debt.”


One woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure. Start purging and make some money while doing it.

  • Is your wedding dress in that big dry cleaners box? Try StillWhite.

  • Have an old cell phone or tablet? Try Gazelle.

  • Last years fashions cluttering your closet. Try Poshmark.

  • Bags, shoes, vintage. Try Mercari.

  • Everything else… Try Ebay.


Have opinions and want to let others know what you think? One of the easiest ways to make money from home is by taking online surveys. Of course, spending a few minutes a day on surveys won’t make you rich, but every little bit helps, especially in a crisis.

According to Andrew, a personal finance blogger at Wealthy Nickel, two of the best survey apps for newbies are Survey Junkie and Swagbucks. They both are highly rated, with a long track record of paying out cash to their members.

Here is another article with more information:

Nobody knows what the result of the Coronavirus pandemic will be. Regardless, while the majority of people are self-quarantining and practicing social distancing, it may be worth it to get a side hustle – for the money, to keep your mind right or maybe make new connections for when we get off of the island.


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