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How Often Should You Post on Social Media?

Are you worried if you post too much, it will annoy your friends and followers? Nervous that your posts are overkill and everyone will see them as spam?

Some people say that you shouldn’t post too much because it will hurt your overall brand. What’s too much? Here’s something to consider to help make a good choice for right now.

There are algorithms on each platform. People are NOT going to see ALL of your posts.

The algorithms are on the side of the people that are consuming content NOT on the side of the people that are making content.

Yes, the algorithm is going to overkill your content to the 28 people that are your hardcore fans – the friends and family that LIKE everything. (Thanks Jo-Ann!) These are the people that think you are the greatest person of all time and they will see your posts more than an old work colleague that will occasionally see one of your posts here and there.

Algorithms are consumer-centric and that’s why they work. If you enjoy me and this subject, you are going to click Like, you are going to read it, you may even share it. That then tells the algorithms that you are a fan and your feed will begin to consistently show you my content more often.

That being said, you just need to decide how much you want to post and do it regularly. That could mean posting 8-10 times a day or maybe once a week. You may burn some people out but you have to weigh how many people are you burning out vs. how many people are you adding to your list of followers.

One Other Thing To Consider…

Instead of worrying about how often to post, focus your energies on something new. Try other platforms and other styles and see how that works. Try using LinkedIn like Twitter, vlogging on YouTube, Insta stories or social media collaborations.

You want your content to be interesting and to bring value. Instead of focusing on negative opinions, focus on creating that one piece of amazing content that may change someone’s life.



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